Our Founding Story

"In 2009, when I moved into a condominium in downtown Toronto, I quickly realized the conundrum of multiple-dwelling life.

Despite living side-by-side with hundreds of people, I didn't know any of them. Nor could I easily find a parking space, reserve the building's amenities, submit a maintenance request or find the best sushi place in the neighborhood. I met a few people in the elevator or passing in the hall; I could make bookings and requests in the manager's office, but the hours didn't jibe with me; and I finally found a parking spot, through a handwritten note posted in the basement.

I thought there had to be a better way of doing all of that.

Figuring that other residents of the building (and the 25% - 30% of people worldwide who live in condos and apartments) had the same issues, I came up with the idea for JazLife.

Given the popularity of social networks, why not construct a private social platform that catered specifically to the community of people in a residential building (and only to that community)? One that made living in a condo or apartment more fun and more convenient. One that let residents and building staff connect and engage with each other. One that made everyday tasks like booking guest parking, submitting a maintenance request or booking the party room a simple tap on a smartphone. Thus, JazLife was born and launched in January 2010.

Today, JazLife can be found bringing communities to life in condos and apartment buildings across Canada and the USA and we continue to innovate and enhance the JazLife product based on customer feedback and changing industry & technology trends."

- David Feldt, founder and CEO