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Online Payments

JazLife offers a 100% PCI-compliant, secure payment feature that lets residents and owners pay all their fees, dues, rent etc on their laptop or mobile device in real-time using debit and credit cards. Building management can link building-specific bank account information on the platform so all payments flow automatically to the relevant bank account. No more cheques. No more paper invoices. No more hassle.

Facility Reservations

Reserving facilities online is simple and convenient for residents. Whether a boardroom, party room, rooftop BBQ or guest suite, a customizable list of facilities can be added and booked for specific dates and timeslots. JazLife has a comprehensive set of tools for property management to manage the list and all reservations efficiently.

Parking Reservations

Reserving guest parking online is the single most popular feature among residents polled. Once reserved, a parking pass can be printed instantly. Residents no longer need to visit the security desk or property management office during “office hours” – what was once a major hassle is now just a few clicks from wherever you are.

Resident Profile

The incredible irony of living in a “condo community” is that most people don’t know each other and opportunities to socialize are limited, apart from polite smiles in the elevator or nods as you pass each other in the hall. Resident profiles break down these barriers and enable residents to get to know who their neighbors are in a non-intrusive way. Residents control how much information they want others to see and can connect to people in their buildings in unprecedented ways. For the property manager, information is more likely to be current and comprehensive.

Maintenance Requests

JazLife simplifies the maintenance request process for everyone. Residents can now submit detailed maintenance requests with photographs anytime day or night. Property managers can centrally view and manage all maintenance requests including communicating directly with the resident via the platform.

Incident Reports

The right people may not be around when an incident happens so they often don’t get reported and subsequently acted upon.. JazLife enables the reporting of incidents at any time day or night, ensuring that residents have a convenient method of reporting to the right people and that important information flows to property managers.

Front Desk Instructions

Front desk concierge/security is a benefit appreciated by condo and apartment dwellers. Special instructions can be added by each resident in JazLife to ensure that packages or special deliveries are received, guests are not turned away or regular service providers can access units.

Community Streams

The community stream is the hub of communication and a key engagement tool to build relationships between residents and staff. Residents can post status updates, comment and start conversations while building staff can post important announcements and share information with the community as a whole. The sharing of information is a key element to bringing a community to life. Residents feels connected and it’s an important tool for property management and building staff to gain important insight into the community and their views on a variety of issues.

Document Library

As any condo/apartment dweller can attest, there is a lot of documents that circulate within the community, including newsletters, notices and meeting minutes. With JazLife, the paper doesn’t pile up and the platform offers a document library where current and historic documents can be stored and accessed at the touch of a button.

For property managers, document upload and management is simple. Tools include the ability to limited viewership to relevant groups and to log who/when documents have been viewed.

Community Calendar

There is always something going on and the community calendar provides a central place for residents to stay up to date with events, meetings, building maintenance or other things happening within the community.

Community Blog

A blog can be a useful tool for bringing a condo community to life. Documenting neighborhood events, new businesses and /or restaurants opening up, or writing about topics with shared interest can start great conversations and build stronger and more vibrant communities.


While people want to be part of a thriving community, privacy is still important. Not only is JazLife a private and secure platform where only building residents can participate, but JazLife enables residents to control what information they want to share with others and set permissions for how the platform communicates with them.


Whether messaging a property manager, resident or board member, JazLife offers a central, convenient location for finding and communicating with the people in the community. Messages can be sent and received within the platform with notification to an external email address and/or SMS to ensure you don’t miss any important communication.

Deliveries / Packages

JazLife conveniently tracks deliveries that arrive at the front desk and notifies residents that they have an item waiting for them.


When maintenance requests result in costs to be charged back to the unit, they can be generated, recorded and tracked on the platform.

Data Reporting Tools

One of the key benefits of the JazLife platform is that there is an abundance of data that can be mined for detailed analysis. JazLife offers a series of standard metrics and reports but can easily create custom solutions.

Mobile App

The native JazLife mobile app helps residents manage life at home while on the move. Convenient and efficient, residents can stay connected 24/7, get the latest building news, manage maintenance issues, report incidents, send messages and much more.

Resident Marketplace

Every building has a mini economy attached to it. People want to rent lockers or parking spots, sell furniture or other household items, offer or seek services. Historically, these economies have thrived by word of mouth or primitive posters with phone numbers lining the bottom of the page hung around the lobby and elevators in a building. JazLife brings the resident marketplace into the 21st century with a place for residents to list items or services they either want or have to sell.