JazLife offers private, secure, communication platforms for condominiums, apartment buildings and townhouse communities.
We tailor these branded platforms so property managers, building residents and local businesses can connect, converse and transact using intuitive online social tools.

Connecting Communities In The Multi-Unit Residential Market

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Communications & Information
We understand that communication is critical and one of the most important features of JazLife is the social platform that enables the community to connect on an unprecedented level.

Not only is it easier for residents to connect to each other, but you can become more accessible, increase the quality of information flowing to and from the community, increase response times and contribute to building the most vibrant community possible.
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Facilities Management
A growing number of residents want to be able to manage their lives online and expect convenience.

They want to be able to do things like book the party room, reserve parking for a guest or submit a maintenance request from the comfort of their living room rather than having to call or visit a property management office.

The JazLife platform offers simple, user friendly tools that allow these transactions to be done online, customized to suit the needs of each building.

Not only will your residents love these tools, but offering this enhanced service will increase your competitive advantage as well as drive cost savings and productivity.
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Connecting To Local Businesses
Residents have chosen to live in a specific building because of the lifestyle it promises. They are looking to discover, connect and transact with local businesses surrounding their building - that favorite local sushi restaurant, unique bar, quaint boutique or specialist dry cleaner.

JazLife offers a hyper-local marketing platform that enables residents and local businesses to connect using social media, direct messaging, detailed profiles, advertising, exclusive specials and coupons.

No more flyers in the mail room. No more flyers shoved under your residents' doors.
Make More Efficient and Meaningful Connections
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